Pazardzhik, 6 Gen. Gurko Str., 2nd floor, office 7

Repair and maintenance

The company repairs and maintains heating boilers on solid and liquid fuel.

Repair and maintenance of wood drying chambers, wood sterilizing chambers (europallets), steaming chambers (steamers). Repair of the boilers GNV 150, GNV 250, GNV 350, GNV 550, GNV 650, GNV 1000 also PKM 1, PKM 1.6, PKM 2.5, PKM 4, PKM 6.5, PKM KM12 and Trakia.

Replacement and repair of pipe gratings (mirrors), pipe bundle and KPA.

Our specialists perform inspections, consultations and findings of existing heating installations in production halls, enterprises, small workshops, workshops, schools and kindergartens.

Repair and replacement of the aforementioned heating installations.

Klimatet builds and repairs hearths for solid fuel boilers.

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