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Sterilization chambers for europallets


According to this standard, pallets intended for export must be sterilized to avoid the transfer between the sides of / bacteria, fungi / and harmful insects on the wood. All cameras are accompanied by an automation protocol from the Metrology Institute.
The heat treatment consists of the following: a temperature must develop in the center of the thickest parts of the wooden packaging material for 30 minutes.

The sterilization chamber is equipped with an archiving and printing device which is used after the process of sterilization of the wooden packaging material. After the sterilization process of the wooden packaging material is completed, it is evenly cooled in order to avoid stresses in the material. A printout of the sterilization process is made on paper on which the following indicators are visible:

1. The legal name of the company that performed the sterilization
2. Bulstat of the company
3. Date of sterilization
4. Duration of sterilization
5. Graph t ° / min of the sterilization process

The panels that have undergone this treatment are marked with a stamp showing the certification number of the manufacturer.