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Drying chambers


Brief description of masonry drying chambers /SRV/

In this type of drying chambers, the fans are located in the drying space itself on the side of the figure with material exactly in the middle. The chambers have the advantage that their height is reduced at the expense of the ventilation room.

The axial fan has a diameter of 1800 mm, and is connected to the motor by means of a trapezoidal belt gear. To control the air flow, the fan is shielded.

Two groups of steel heaters are mounted vertically on both sides of the fan. The air is distributed in two streams, rotated by the longitudinal wall, passes through the heaters and the end parts of the figure with material and when it reaches the opposite wall is rotated 180 °, then again directed through the central part of the figure, taken by the fan and the process is repeated.

In order to ensure proper air circulation, the intermediate slats must be placed precisely and correctly to distinguish the suction and discharge zones in the figure. The drying chamber can be built in different sizes, with a maximum height of 3 meters.

The fresh air duct is located in the discharge zone immediately in front of the fan, and an exhaust air duct is located in the discharge area.

Hot water or low-pressure steam obtained from a boiler plant is used as a heat carrier.

The boiler that is installed in the boiler plant is steel heat insulated and is designed for burning wood waste.

The drying chambers can be loaded by rail or forklift.

The drying chambers can be with manual or automatic control of the drying process, masonry or of metal construction.

The equipment of the drying chambers includes:

ribbed steel heaters
axial reversible fans
fan screens
intermediate ceiling
heating system
air ducts for fresh and exhaust air
electrically operated valves controlled by a microprocessor system

The boiler room equipment includes:

 steel boiler for burning wood waste
 circulating and feed pumps
 safety installation (for water version) or condensing system (for steam option)