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Steaming chambers for wood (steamers)


Steaming is a process in which some of the physico-mechanical and chemical properties of wood change. Some of these properties change temporarily, others permanently.
Temporary changes in the physical and mechanical properties facilitate the processing of wood. Permanent changes in physical and mechanical properties improve the quality and duration of use of wood.

The temporary change of the physical and mechanical properties consists in the change of the humidity, the crushing and bending strength, the flexibility. The permanent change of the physico-mechanical properties covers the color, the hardness and the volumetric weight.

Mostly deciduous wood is steamed. During steaming, the wood receives the same humidity throughout the volume – about 45%, regardless of the initial humidity.

Dry wood increases its humidity, and saturated wet / 80 – 100% / will release some of its capillary water.
After steaming, the difference between the core and sapwood is reduced, swelling and drying are reduced, bending strength and impact hardness are improved.

The staining of the wood during steaming is due to the release of substances, salts and sugars. That is why the duration of steaming, and regulates the color of the wood.