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Drying chambers of metal construction


KLIMATET designs, manufactures, builds, repairs, optimizes and puts into operation drying chambers for any type of wood with full automation of the drying process. The drying chambers can have a capacity of 0.5 m3 / 250 m3 of wood.

The dimensions and volume of the drying chambers with intermediate ceiling are set and chosen according to the production needs of the client, and thanks to our many years of experience and the many variants of drying chambers we have put into operation we try to give our best technical advice and optimal version. construction.

The equipment of the drying chambers includes:

ribbed steel heaters
axial reversible fans
fan frame
intermediate ceiling
heating system
air ducts for fresh and exhaust air
electrically operated valves controlled by a microprocessor system
 humidification installation
computer system for automation of the drying process control. The drying mode is set and maintained automatically, with the help of a microprocessor controller, through which the drying is performed with over 100 modes, which the controller selects depending on the thickness and type of wood. The moisture of the material itself is measured.

The measurement is done with the help of probes located in different places in the drying chamber, which allows even automated monitoring and control of the drying process. The probes measure the humidity of the material and the process is controlled depending on it.

NOTE. DRYING IS LOGICAL, NOT TIME, which reduces the time and energy consumption for drying the wood. When the set final humidity of the material is reached, the operation of the drying chamber stops automatically.

power control of the fans

The boiler room equipment includes:

 steel boiler for burning wood waste
 circulating and feed pumps
 safety installation (for water version) or condensing system (for steam option)