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Automation of drying chambers


KLIMATET company offers full automation for drying chambers providing smooth and flawless drying throughout the drying process for all types of wood. With full automation of drying, subjective factors are completely avoided

When drying with full automation, all important parameters are constantly monitored and controlled by a microprocessor system, which leads to an optimal drying with small heat losses, without cracks, twists and stresses in the wood.

The drying mode is set and maintained automatically by the microprocessor controller. The microprocessor controller performs drying with over 100 operating modes. The microprocessor controller selects and controls the drying mode depending on two main parameters – the length and type of wood.

Drying is done by logic, not in time, which reduces the duration and energy consumption for drying the volume of wood. When the set final humidity and temperature of the material are reached, the operation of the drying chamber stops automatically.