Pazardzhik, 6 Gen. Gurko Str., 2nd floor, office 7


Drying and heating equipment

Chamber and tunnel dryers for all types of wood, drum dryers for chips and sawdust, industrial pellet boilers up to 2000kW, industrial boilers for diathermic oils, steam generators

Klimatet develops and implements by individual order also:

  • Axial fans with a diameter of up to ∅2000 mm, complete with heat-resistant motors designed to work in wood drying chambers.
  • Radiators of smooth and ribbed pipes with dimensions according to the customer’s order.
  • Водогрейни и парни стоманени котли of low pressure for solid and liquid fuel with power from 10 to 500 KW, designed for drying chambers for wood, heating of production premises, apartments, residential buildings, greenhouses, etc.
  • Repair and maintenance of heating boilers on solid and liquid fuel

Main activities

Design, engineering, manufacture, construction, delivery, commissioning, maintenance and repair of:

  • Chamber and tunnel dryers for all types of wood with full automation of the drying process
  • Drying chambers of aluminum construction
  • Sterilization chambers for europallets with full automation and printing device meeting the requirements of Standard 15
  • Mobile / portable / drying cameras
  • Steaming / steaming / chambers
  • Drying chambers for bran
  • Drying chambers for herbs and fruits
  • Steam and hot water boilers on solid fuel and boiler installations
  • Heating installations for industrial premises, hotels, greenhouses
  • Axial fans on an individual project
  • Radiators on an individual project
  • Automation for drying chambers
  • Sensors, hygrometers